The tea plantation is in the Taiwan's highest mountain, Yushan. High altitude, cold climate, mist and clouds covered, the sunshine is short, is what the top tea required.

The Unique Climate

The unique environment and climate, leading to the decrease the bitter "catechin" contained in bud leaf, and improved "tea amamic acid" and "soluble nitrogen" the contribution of sweetness.

Top-Level Tea Farm

The temperature difference of day and night is great, and the clouds and mist covered everyday after noon, the tea tree is growing slowly, so the tea leaves are soft and thick, and the gum is high.

Premium Oolong Tea

Made from experienced technicians, every process is meticulous, the appearance of the produced tea is tight, the soup is a honey green, the aroma is elegant, taste sweet and rich.

100% Eco Organic Plantation

Without use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Combines tradition and innovation to benefit the shared environment and promote a good quality of life for all involved.


The Precious High Mountain Tea

Cusata Tea Area is in Tataga, the branch of Taiwan's top peak Yushan.(behind Yushan National Park and the main peak of Alishan) An altitude of 2000 meters, away from pollution, high altitude environment with cold climate, mist and clouds covered all year around, and the 4 season is like spring. It is the best environment for soft branch Oolong Tea. The tea appearance is tight, and the soup is a honey green, the aroma is elegant, sweet and rich taste.

In the 1980s, Yushan Tea Area has begun to exploit the tea garden. The accumulation of organic matter over many years has made the land strong and can provide sufficient nutrients. However, due to terrain restriction, development is limited, so tea production is not much, especially precious.




100% no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides.
100% use organic manure.
Grass and weed grows between tea trees to protect the soil.

Organic plant promotes ecological harmony through practices that enhance biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil health.

High Mountain Oolong Tea

After picking from the tree, the tea will also have multiple tea processes, and the master has a rich experience, and it is made according to different tea conditions to ensure that each leaf is a boutique.

The tea is full of content, compact in shape, hemispherical, with stalks, fermented in place, and has a comprehensive floral and fruity honey fragrance. Because the tea cyanine is delicate and tender, the honey fragrance is rich, and the aroma and taste are rich. With the method of making time, the tea soup is more mellow, the water is scented and the bottom of the cup is rich and lasting, and the aftertaste is repeated! The process is in place, the tea soup is firm, and the follow-up is more predictable after storage!

Tea soup is warm and smooth, the throat is sweet, plus fragrance, rhyme, beauty, sweet, rhyme, more dried longan taste, plain and sweet.

150G Orginal packagine

Top high mountain tea, the first choice for tea lovers

100% eco organic tea, safty and healthy

Imported from Taiwan

58.00 USD


Tea bag

Refined tea bags to maximize the original flavor of high mountain tea

Convenient to brew, you can enjoy top high mountain tea even if conditions are limited

100% eco organic tea, imported from Taiwan

39.00 USD


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